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                                                Menu of Massage Services                     

1. Custom Swedish massage--European body massages technique that uses relaxing strokes to increase circulation and improve muscle tone. (60/90 min)

2. Therapeutic Massage--Tailored to specific areas for stress and pain relief (60/90 min

3. Deep Tissue Massage--Excellent for getting rid of tension, releasing tightness and reducing muscle aches (60/90 min)

4. Neck and Shoulder Massage--Concentrates on relaxing muscles in the neck and shoulder area. (30 min)

5. Back Treatment--A gentle exfoliation followed by hot towels soaked in essential oils, applying a hydrating cream

6. Pre-Natal Massage--Soothe the area’s most affected like the back, legs, feet, water retention and sciatic Recommended for second and third trimester. Relax yourself and the baby too! (60 min ) 

7. Signature Body Massage--Developed exclusively for you, 100% natural, organic and highly effective. Hot towels are included. (60/90 min)





Imagine yourself and a group of friends or family gathering together in a relaxing environment to chat and enjoy each other’s company. Now, add professional massage and spa treatments into the picture! We bring the spa experience to you, your friends, your family, your co-workers, we have party plans for every age, every experience! 

Spalean serves all the New Jersey area. 

Bachelorette Parties                  Baby Showers       

Children's Parties                      Sweet Sixteen's

Holiday Parties                          Theme Parties

Graduation Parties                    Girl's Night Out

Adult Special Birthdays           

Other Special Occasions

 For information on planning your party, please contact Earline @ 908-693-2321 or email earline@spalean.com for personalized, warm, caring service.

A 7% Sales tax applies to all services